Church Directory

This directory offers primary contact information for the United Methodist Church of Petersburg, IL. We’re located at 221 W Jackson Street, Petersburg, IL 62675.

Pastor:  Pastor Rick Pierce
Office Manager:  Laura Huebner
Worship Arts Director:  Bill Bauser, Jr.                                                                                                                                                             Pianists:  Terri DePatis, Alyce Brooks, Jane Davis                                                                                                                         Custodian:  Mary Bradford                                                                                                                                                                               Treasurer:  Molly Bettis

umcfrontchurchphoto The United Methodist Church located in Petersburg IL Illinois 62675

 Worship Schedule

9:30 am Summer Worship until September 1st


Sunday School 

Adult Sunday School 8:30 am in Wesley Hall

Children's Sunday School in Gingerbread Room after children's message and during worship service. 

Upcoming Events


 July 8-12 --  Junior High Mission Camp

 July 15-19 --  High School Mission Camp

July 21--Your Obidient Servent Mission Camp presentation during Worship Service

July 21-26 -- Mission Trip to Milwaukee, WI

July 28--Senior High Mission Trip presentation during Worship Service

August 5-9--Bible School will be hosted by St Paul Evangelical Free Church @ 209 West Douglas Petersburg       6-8pm. 





Contact Us

 221 W. Jackson St.                           Petersburg, IL 62675

[email protected]